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Development Analysis
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Strategic Insights to Growth, Personalized Development, and Performance.

In the world of hockey, strategic insights matter. Our Development Analysis services go beyond the game, providing a personalized roadmap to elevate your skills and strategy. Delve into a transformative experience where our seasoned analyst not only dissect your in-game performance but also offer valuable guidance for your ongoing development. We believe that understanding the intricacies of strategic gameplay is pivotal, and our Development Analysis is designed to empower you with a tailored approach that enhances your game both today and in the future.


Crack the Code: How Development Analyst Powers Your Hockey Performance.
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Strategic Growth

Tailored insights for your unique style, ensuring strategic growth and a game plan that plays to your strengths.
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Edge Precision

Gain a competitive edge with in-depth analysis of opponents, fostering anticipation and proactive decision-making on the ice.
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Progress Tracking

Track progress like never before, with real-time data and analytics providing actionable insights for continuous improvement.

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Development Analysis

The Analyst Behind the
Development Analyst

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Ryan Fujita

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Unlocking the Potential in Our Players

Nurturing and promoting the growth of hockey talent - from grassroots levels to professional leagues.

Danielle is an exceptional skating coach who made a significant impact on my skating abilities. Under her guidance, I was able to improve my skating and become a more efficient skater. Helping me to play for as long as I did. I highly recommend her as a dedicated and knowledgeable skating coach.

Matt Stajan

Former NHL Player, Toronto & Calgary

My son had a few technical skating lessons with Danielle. I cannot recommend My Hockey House highly enough. Danielle is fun, energetic, she explains the logic/ physics side behind each technique and also encourages players to push themselves outside of their comfort zone. The skating lesson atmosphere is very positive and enjoyable. She is not just a coach she’s also a mentor. My son looks forward to her lessons every time.

Joyce O


I have known Danielle for many years so I reached out to her for some help with my sons skating. He worked with Danielle for three months and when I finally saw him play I could not believe how much his skating improved. I was honestly amazed and actually felt very guilty I had not contacted her earlier. She creates an environment that the players enjoy and connects with them both on and off the ice.

Glen Gulutzan

Edmonton Oilers Assistant Coach

I can’t say enough positive and good things about Danielle and her style of coaching. Beyond her exceptional talent for coaching the practical skills, she is well beyond that on what she means to the players. Danielle is able to connect with each player individually, in their style, getting the most out of each. It’s no wonder that everyone that’s skates with her sees immense improvement, but what’s more impressive is how much they enjoy the process. A perfect storm for learning all in the gigantic presence of a 5 foot tall package. Danielle makes every room she walks into more positive and energetic just by being in it. Her team is just as exceptional under her mentorship. Highly recommend.

Hal K.


Danielle “The Hockey House” brings energy, enthusiasm, passion and technical expertise to every skating session. Her experience working with kids to NHL’ers is top notch! Danielle is at the top of our list for client referrals, giving Dynasty clients the best opportunities for personal development and future success.

Blake Robson

Agent, Dynasty Hockey Group

Danielle has been a big part of my kids' hockey world for more years than I can remember. When we started, he used to look up at her. She has always been amazing at not only the details of skating but also getting and keeping the kids interested in what she was teaching them. I have never seen someone have young kids and teenagers excited about skating for an hour like she does. We have also had the pleasure of working with Nicole and Chris on multiple occasions and everyone is amazing. Kaleb always likes to remind me that I am his favorite coach ever, next to Danielle. Thanks for all that you do.

Ryan L


I just wanted to share a quick note as I have had the opportunity to work with many development Coaches and Danielle has the innate ability to engage her players and make it a fun and a challenging environment. Danielle's approach ensures a positive result for any player's development journey. It's been a pleasure working and learning from Danielle and I was honoured to get the opportunity to share the ice with her and have players get the opportunity to enhance their skating abilities. If you get the opportunity to work with Danielle I would recommend taking full advantage.

Jason Nicholetts

NHLPA Certified Agent

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Development Analysis

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