There will be NO REFUNDS or CREDITS within 30 days of the start date of each scheduled program, session and/or camp. If a cancellation request is made outside of the 30 day policy it will be subject to a 20% administrative fee on the total amount of the program, session &/or camp.


TRANSFERS are ONLY available between Sept 30th to Oct 31st each year. This allows time for minor hockey schedules to be finalized and for conflicts to be resolved. ALL transfers must be completed to other programs within the SAME season.

Make-up sessions

Make-Up requests may be considered for July and August sessions ONLY and will be subject to a $25 administration fee per change. Make-Up requests will not be considered for any programs and/or camps.

Medical issues

Requests regarding medical issues may be considered, however 50% of the full fee and/or administrative costs may be retained by My Hockey House Inc.


All skaters must wear FULL hockey equipment and bring a stick.

Player placement

Age requirments will be reinforced strictly. If any parent provides falsified information regarding their son/daughter's age they will be removed from the program and refunded 50% of the unused portion of the program, session &/or camp. Any and all movement of players will be at the full discretion of My Hockey House Head Instructors ONLY.


All instructors, dates, times and locations are subject to change up to the date of the program, session &/or camp. My Hockey House Inc. will do everything possible to avoid such changes.

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Available Programs

PowerSkating Aug 24 - 25 /
Coaches Clinic Aug 23 - 25

Lethbridge Road Show

Dates: Aug 17-18

Dates: June 21 - 23

WHL Development Skates

Dates: Jun / Jul / Aug

July Skating

Dates: July 2 – 31

July Speed Camp

Dates: July 26 – 28

August Skating

Dates: August 6 – 22

Strength & Conditioning

Dates: April - August

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